Delta and Chobe Trail

Starting from Windhoek, exploring the Delta and Chobe regions on an exciting trail ending it off in the beautiful Victoria Falls.

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Depart From:
Windhoek   |   Ending at: Victoria Falls
Departures: See departure schedule
Duration: 8 Days
Country: Botswana
Type: Safari |
Children: Not Allowed 


Delta and Chobe Trail

Delta and Chobe Trail

Delta and Chobe Trail

Delta and Chobe Trail

Delta and Chobe Trail

Delta and Chobe Trail

Delta and Chobe Trail


Meet your guides and the rest of your group in Windhoek before heading to Ghanzi where you will be entertained with local tribal dancing from the San Community. The San people have long been associated with the harsh environment of the Kalahari. You will have the opportunity of joining an optional walk with San guides to learn how they embrace the environment to survive.

Prepare to enter one of the world’s most unique wilderness areas, the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Follow the hippo trails in dugout mokoros (traditional canoes) and join your guide on nature walks to discover the islands. We head up to Chobe National Park where you can watch the African sunset from the comfort of your river cruiser, expect a close encounter with hippo and elephants! Our tour ends in Vic Falls where you can take part in a number of adrenaline activities that are available there. The spectacular Victoria Falls, also known by the local name of “Mosi-oa Tunya” (the smoke that thunders), is undoubtedly one of Africa’s most beautiful treasures.

Our tours come with an "Optional Activity Package". You will need to purchase this package if you would like to partake in what we consider to be "essential activities" on our tours. The Activity Package has been written into the itinerary of the tour so please keep this in mind as if you don't book the package, the activities won't be included. We suggest that you pre-book and prepay for your Activity Package to ensure availability.

Included on your tour are three meals a day (unless otherwise specified on your tour dossier). We are able to cater for specific dietary
requirements to a degree, however please keep in mind that you are travelling with a group and the guides generally prepare meals on two gas
burners so it is not possible for them to prepare regular meals, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and vegetarian meals all at the same
time. Where possible, our guides will accommodate clients who have indicated their dietary requirements prior to the tour departing. We unfortunately cannot cater for requests at the start of the tour.

If you are vegan, the guides will provide you with salads, vegetables, fruits, rice, beans, pasta, cereals and breads however their budget and time
does not allow them to shop for quinoa, seeds, nuts, tofu, soya milk and other protein substitutes. Please keep this in mind when going to the
supermarket so that you can supplement these foods for yourself, it will be at your own expense, the guides will however store it for you in their

When travelling through Africa, the guides are briefed to shop at supermarkets as far as possible, as shopping at street vendors could be a health risk to the guests as there is no indication as to where or how the vendors grow, harvest and transport their produce. Guides have to be
responsible and ensure that their produce comes from reliable sources and this can generally only be done by shopping at the supermarkets.

The prevalence of street vendors also means that there is thieving from local farms who support the local industry, and this in turn means that the
farms become unsustainable, leaving the community in a worse off position.

Breakfast: As breakfast is served very early in the morning (if there is driving or activities to be done) it is a simple but filling breakfast: Tea and coffee, breads and spreads, cereals, yoghurts, fruits and on occasion, when there is time for a later breakfast, guides will serve a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, porridge, bacon or beans.

Lunch: Lunch is generally served at a picnic spot next to the road en route to a destination. As the guides only have approximately 45 minutes to
get everyone off the truck, prepare lunch and then get everyone back on the truck again, lunches consist of sandwiches and salads (rice salad,
pasta salad, tuna salad and green salad) which are quick and easy to prepare but which are quite filling.

Dinner: This is when the guides get time to prepare a delicious meal and they focus on a substantial protein, vegetable and carbohydrate dinner.
We serve traditional campfire cuisine consisting of braais (BBQ), potjie (stew), bobotie (mince), spaghetti and fish and chicken dishes. All meals (on both accommodated and camping tours) that are included as per the dossier are prepared at the full service adventure truck. This is a unique
adventure in itself where you get to dine under the stars with your new found friends and experience the real sights and sounds of Africa!
Most evenings are spent at camp talking about Africa. Your tour dossier will have details of where you will be each night and the prices of meals if
we are spending an evening at leisure in a city or town. After or during dinner, guides will do briefings, please use this opportunity to discuss things with them.

Standards of food in East Africa are not as high as they are in Southern Africa as there is much less time for preparation (the days on the road are
longer in East Africa), food is a lot more expensive and there is not as much variety available.

Health & Clothing
Please inform us of any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or asthma and any prescription medicine you may be taking. We also need to know about any food allergies or physical disabilities that you may have.

Malaria prophylactics are required throughout this route.

Day 1 Botswana - Ghanzi
After meeting your guides, we travel east and make our way to neighbouring Botswana and the Kalahari Desert. Starkly different to the Namib
Desert after which Namibia is named, the Kalahari is no less dramatic and covers over 900 000 square kilometres. The San people have long been
associated with this harsh environment and tonight we enjoy a dance evening that provides an insight into their culture of song, dance and storytelling.

Included Highlight: San Tribal dance in evening
Accommodation: Ghanzi Trail Blazers - Two per Room with en suite bathroom

Day 2 Maun – Okavango Delta
The San people have existed in some of the harshest conditions for thousands of years and this morning you will have the opportunity of joining an
optional walk with San guides to learn how they embrace the environment to survive. This afternoon we journey to Maun, the gateway to the
Okavango Delta, and our launching pad for the Okavango Delta excursion. Your guide will brief you on what to pack for the Delta excursion, a small
daypack or overnight bag will be needed due to space restrictions for our transfers to and from camp.

Accommodation: Sitatunga or Island Safari Lodge - Two per room with en suite bathroom
Optional Activity: Bushman walk

Day 3 Okavango Delta
This morning we board our flight and embark on our Okavango Delta excursion. This unique and unusual ecosystem sees the annual flood waters
of the Okavango River fan out into the sands of the Kalahari Basin. The seasonality of the flood waters lends the Delta its ever changing character.
While water levels may fluctuate the tranquility of this wilderness area remains constant.

Accommodation: Okavango Delta Excursion - Two per permanent tent with en suite bathroom
Activity Package: Okavango Delta Excursion

Day 4 - Okavango Delta
A full day is set aside to enjoy the activities on offer in the Delta, while the programme of activities is flexible to accommodate the seasonal
changes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy amongst other activities traditional mokoro rides and natures walks. The Okavango Delta is not
only a natural wonder, but represents one of the last great wilderness areas in the world today.

Accommodation: Okavango Delta Excursion - Two per permanent tent with en suite bathroom

Day 5 - Nata
Leaving the Delta behind we touch down in Maun this morning and reunite with our truck. Our journey today takes us across the northern reaches
of the Makgadigadi Pans, the road to Nata is lined with majestic examples of the iconic Baobab tree and we will catch glimpses of the extensive
pans that stretch out to the South. As portion of our route bisects the Nxai Pan and Makgadigadi National Parks, if we are lucky we may encounter
some of the wildlife that roams this vast protected area.

Accommodation: Nata Lodge or Pelican Lodge - Two per room with en suite bathroom

Day 6 - Chobe National Park
We rise early this morning as we continue north to our camp on the banks of the Chobe River. This afternoon is set aside for exploring the Chobe
National Park. We begin our exploration in 4x4 vehicles, which allows us an up close and personal experience with the many Elephants that
frequent the River in the afternoons. The afternoon ends with a leisurely Boat Cruise and a meal served around the campfire.

Accommodation: Thebe River Lodge - Two per room with en suite bathroom
Activity Package: Chobe National Park Boat Cruise and Chobe National Park Game Drive

Day 7 - Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls
With the memories of our wildlife encounters firmly etched in our minds, we cross the border in Zimbabwe this morning and travel the short
distance to Victoria Falls. Today we visit the spectacular Victoria Falls, also known by the local name of "Mosi-oa Tunya͟ (the smoke that thunders).
While much of today is dedicated to viewing the mighty Zambezi River as it drops into the Batoka Gorge below, the bustling adventure town of
Victoria Falls also offers a range of optional activities for those wanting a dose of adrenaline in the afternoon. For the more relaxed traveller there
are craft markets and coffee shops on offer as well. Tonight we enjoy an optional dinner out, your guide will assist you to decide on the many
options available.

Accommodation: A'Zambezi - Two per room with en suite bathroom

Day 8 - Victoria Falls
With the many activities on offer in Victoria Falls, today is the perfect day for the adventure that most suits your style. Whether rafting the mighty
Zambezi River or enjoying a flight over the Falls, this is your day to enjoy the many attractions on offer in Victoria Falls.

Accommodation: Own Arrangements
Optional Activity: Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Bungee Jump – Solo, Helicopter Flights, White Water Rafting

This itinerary has been written with the Activity Package items included. If you wish to participate in all the activities listed, you will need to
purchase the Activity Package.

Delta and Chobe Trail Valid: 2017-01-01 to 2017-12-01
Rate Per Adult: ZAR 11650.00    
Rate per Single traveller: ZAR 12280.00 Rate Per Child: ZAR N/A

Tour Include
Meals as indicated on the itinerary (unless otherwise specified, all meals are prepared and served at the Nomad truck), accommodation, registered guides and transport. We also include some of the highlights.

Tour Exclude
All items of a personal nature, alcohol, snacks, souvenirs, tips and optional activities.

All clients require adequate Travel Insurance.
Medical Insurance is not sufficient.

Terms & Conditions
If cancelled 28-days or less prior to Date of Departure, the following cancellation fees will apply:
28 Days - 15 Days 50% of Tour Fare
14 Days - 7 Days 75% of Tour Fare
6 Days - 0 Days 100% of Tour Fare

- Translator Provided: (G) German,
- (Fam) Family departure. (SG) Small Group Rate Applicable, please confirm with your consultant

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