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Africa Safari Planning Guide

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Whilst big game - the prime reason for most safari adventures to Africa - still abounds in Southern Africa, planning your safari is not that easy and our African Safari Planning Guide tries to assist you.

We try to address a number of issues that will influence your decision on where to go, which safari is right for you and how to prepare yourself.

Which country to visit
Find answers to which country to visit, best time to travel, crime & safety, entry requirements, medical facilities, what animals will you see, language used and more...
Types of safaris you can get
We address questions such as what type of safari to take, what kind of accommodation can you expect, availability of electricity in the camps, if communication with the "outside world" is possible, what food is served on safari and related.
Preparations before you go
What luggage should you use, how much luggage may you bring, what clothing should you take, are medical supplies available, what camera equipment is essential on safari, do you need travel insurance and more...
Traveling tips when on Safari
We provide some traveling tips when on safari such as the amount you should allow for tipping, clothing to wear on a game drive, number of passenger in a safari vehicle and related.

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* National Geographic
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